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Iraqi Civilians Wounded in Latest Violence Targeting US Troops - 2003-07-11

Two Iraqi civilians have been wounded in the latest attack aimed at U.S. troops.

An American military patrol came under a rocket-propelled grenade attack late Thursday near Baghdad International Airport.

The U.S. military says its troops returned fire and the two Iraqi civilians were wounded when their car was caught in the crossfire.

One person was shot in the neck and another in the abdomen. They have been evacuated to a military medical facility. There is no word on their condition. Such guerrilla-style ambushes have killed more than 30 American troops in Iraq since May 1, when major combat was declared over. Iraq's U.S.-led administration blames a small group of Saddam loyalists for most of the attacks.

But deaths of innocent civilians caught in the escalating violence have angered many Iraqis who question the coalition's ability to bring stability to the country. Other Iraqis say the fear of becoming the victim of an attack is keeping them from openly supporting and working for the coalition.