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Ghanaian Troops Join PEacekeepers In Liberia - 2003-08-22

Ghanaian troops will be joining their Nigerian counterparts for peacekeeping operations in Liberia Friday as rebels renew promises to allow free passage to aid workers delivering food.

A contingent of Ghanaian soldiers is joining 900 Nigerian troops already on the ground to extend peacekeeping operations in Liberia.

Rebel leaders in Liberia have reiterated assurances of safe passage for aid workers wanting to distribute supplies to rebel held territory. The United Nations, hit by a terror bombing in Baghdad Tuesday, said it wants guaranteed security for its personnel before U-N workers distribute food and medicine in those territories.

The U-N special envoy to Liberia, Jacques Klein, had said earlier that around 5-thousand peacekeeping personnel would be needed in the capital Monrovia alone to assure security for U-N workers.

Even though additional peacekeeping troops are expected from Mali and Senegal in the coming days, the total number of west African peacekeepers will add up only to about 3-thousand men.