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California Governor-Elect Schwarzenegger Thanks Predecessor for Smooth Transition Process - 2003-10-23

California governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger says his transition to the office of governor is going well, with the help of the man he defeated at the polls October 7, outgoing governor Gray Davis. The two men met in Sacramento Thursday.

Mr. Schwarzenegger said the outgoing governor promised him on election night he would ensure a smooth transition. "He kept his promise," he stressed. "Every day, we're working with his office and they have been really fantastic to work with. So I think that we can continue on with a great relationship here and a working relationship."

Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican, will take office in mid-November. He repeated his promise to work with the Democrats who dominate both houses of the California state legislature.

Mr. Davis, a moderate Democrat who often differed with his own party members, says the most important bills passed in Sacramento require a consensus.

"The budget requires both Republicans and Democrats to vote for it," he said. "All major policy matters that involve spending one penny require a two-thirds vote. And the value of getting both parties to buy into an idea is that the idea is likely to stand the test of time, not be repealed when the next legislature turns over to the other party."

Wednesday, the governor-elect met top leaders of both parties in the legislature. In comments to reporters, the former action hero promised "action" in Sacramento.