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4 Explosions Rock Center of Baghdad

Four explosions rocked the center of Baghdad Tuesday night, where the main U.S. headquarters is located, causing injuries but no deaths. It was the second attack in Baghdad in as many nights.

The U.S. military says four people were injured in the latest blasts.

Tuesday's explosions occurred inside the main U.S. compound in Baghdad. Military officials say one person was treated at the scene and three others were taken to a military support hospital in the Iraqi capital.

The cause of the explosions is under investigation but witnesses near the compound reported seeing rocket or mortar fire.

The compound is located in what is known as the "green zone," where U.S. military forces and Coalition Provisional Authority personnel work and live. The area that was attacked was near one of ousted leader Saddam Hussein's former palaces that have been taken over by coalition forces.

On Monday, explosions occurred in the vicinity of the "green zone" but caused no damage or injuries.

Also Tuesday, Spain announced that it was withdrawing some of its embassy personnel in Baghdad for security reasons.