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Elderly Iranian Woman Survives Eight Days in Quake Rubble

Rescue workers in Iran have found a woman alive in the rubble of Bam, a full eight days after the earthquake that destroyed the city and killed tens of thousands.

Iranian rescue workers pulled the 97-year-old woman alive from the debris of the earthquake in the pre-dawn darkness. She is reportedly in good condition and recovering in a Red Crescent hospital.

Many rescue workers had ruled out finding any more survivors at Bam, where a huge tremor hit over a week ago, killing an estimated 30,000 people and virtually leveling the southeastern Iranian city.

There had been no survivors found in the devastation since Thursday, when three people were pulled out alive from the debris, one a man who had survived under a wardrobe.

A Red Crescent official in Bam was quoted as saying the latest survivor was now talking and answering questions. She was located by sniffer dogs. She was buried under a building, and rescue workers spent three hours getting her out.