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Bush Renews Libya Sanctions Despite Recent Steps by Tripoli - 2004-01-06

President Bush has renewed U.S. sanctions on Libya imposed in 1986. Mr. Bush says despite the fact that recent steps taken by Tripoli are welcome, more is needed before the sanctions can be lifted.

President Bush says there have been positive signs lately from Libya. But he makes clear they are not enough to lift the sanctions.

In a written statement, Mr. Bush welcomes Libya's recent announcement that it would give up its weapons of mass destruction. But he quickly adds that Libya's words must now be followed by concrete action.

The president says once Libya follows through with its promises, the United States will take reciprocal, tangible steps. He also indicates Washington is waiting to see progress in Libya's human rights record, as well as cooperation from Tripoli in the war on terrorism.

The United States and Libya broke off diplomatic relations in 1981. Former President Ronald Reagan imposed economic and political sanctions roughly five years later and they have been renewed annually for almost two decades.