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Musharraf: Scientists May Have Sold Nuclear Secrets


Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf says officials are investigating if the country's top scientists sold nuclear secrets to foreign countries for their own financial gain.

Mr. Musharraf told CNN television Friday the government plans to move against individuals found to be "enemies of the state."

He also said there is no evidence that government or military officials were involved in the possible transfer of weapons technology.

Pakistan recently sent investigators to Libya and Iran as part of the probe. Pakistani officials also say they are questioning nine scientists about the alleged nuclear leaks.

Meanwhile, a Pakistani court Friday barred the government from handing over the scientists in the probe to other countries.

The Islamabad court issued the ruling while it considers an appeal from the suspects' families challenging the arrests.

The appeal also calls on Pakistan's government to reveal where the detainees are being held and to explain the charges against them.

The government has denied it has plans to extradite the suspects.

Also Friday, lawyers and members of a Pakistani opposition party alliance held protests against the arrest of the scientists.