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Over One Million Displaced In Northern Uganda, Says Doctors Without Borders - 2004-02-05

The humanitarian group, Doctors without Borders, says more than one million people are displaced in northern Uganda. It says rebel attacks, or the fear of attack, has caused people to flee their towns and villages.

The rebel Lord’s Resistance Army is blamed for murder, mutilation, rape and abduction among civilians. Isabel Voiret is the head of mission in Uganda for Doctors Without Borders.

From Arua along Uganda’s border with Sudan and the Congo, she spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about the growing number of displaced people.

For example, the group, also known as MSF, has "launched an emergency assistance program in Amuria...Many children suffer from severe malnutrition, and people were dying at twice the rate of what is considered an emergency threshold." Many other areas in northern Uganda face similar problems.

Water is also a major concern for many of the displaced people.

The Ugandan army is attempting to protect the civilians and the group says militias have also been hired to fend off attacks of the LRA.

Click above link to listen to the interview with Isabel Voiret.