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After 5-Year Break, Clint Black Releases <i>Spend My Time</i>

Country star Clint Black launched his recording career in 1989 with RCA Records. During his 12 years with the label, Clint charted 27 Top 5 singles, including 13 Number Ones. He enjoyed a long and successful relationship with the label. For his latest collection, however, Black made the decision to take more control of the business side of his career.

After a five-year break from recording, Clint Black is back with Spend My Time, a new album that reflects on the changes in his life during his time away. The singer took two years off from recording following the birth of his daughter. When he returned, Clint was still under contract to record one more album for RCA. But, both sides came to the amicable decision that it was time for him to move on. Although many offers poured in from other major record companies, Clint had another idea. Last year, he and long-time Sony Music Group executive Mike Kraski formed Equity Records. The company allows its artists to own their master recordings, and offers them profit sharing.

Clint's new album, Spend My Time, is Equity's first release. The CD includes 12 tracks, all written or co-written by Black, that blend his traditional Country style with elements of jazz, blues and funk.

Clint grew up in Houston, Texas, but moved to Los Angeles following his 1991 marriage to actress Lisa Hartman. While he was living in California, Clint also became interested in acting and directing. Three years ago, the couple relocated to Nashville, where he built a house, complete with his own recording studio. "This feels a lot more like home than a big city like Los Angeles," he says.

As for Clint's future plans - he says he'll direct the videos for his new album, perform some tour dates and possibly accept more acting roles.

Spend My Time recently debuted at Number 3 on Billboard's Country Albums chart, marking his highest entry on that list since his 1993 effort, No Time To Kill.