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Bomb Found in Spain Similar to Those Used March 11 - 2004-04-02

Spanish authorities have discovered a bomb on the high-speed rail line between Madrid and Seville and described it as similar to the type used in last month's terrorist train bombings in Madrid.

Interior Minister Angel Acebes said a railway employee reported a suspicious package. Rail service was suspended and experts found the package containing about 10 kilograms of explosives and a detonator with a long cable. It is not known who planted the bomb.

Mr. Acebes also announced new security measures to assure the safety of the country's rail network. He said the military will use helicopters, four wheel drive cars and armored vehicles to patrol the system.

Meanwhile, in Madrid a judge freed four suspects arrested earlier in the week in connection with the Madrid bombings, which killed 191 people. Apparently, police did not have enough evidence for formal charges against the men released, but required them to keep authorities informed of their whereabouts.

The judge also charged another suspect in the bombing, raising the total number of people who have been accused of involvement to 15.