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Bush Views Iraq Prisoner Photos During Pentagon Visit - 2004-05-10

President Bush has been shown pictures of prisoner abuse in Iraq that have not been released to the public. He saw the pictures while at the Pentagon for a closed-door briefing.

Aides indicate the president was very disturbed by the pictures.

Spokesman Scott McClellan says Mr. Bush was shown more than a dozen photographs and still images from videos. "The president's reaction was one of deep disgust and disbelief that anyone who wears our uniform would engage in such shameful and appalling acts," he said.

Mr. McClellan would not describe the pictures saying to do so might compromise ongoing investigations. He was asked by reporters if they might be made public in the near future. "We remain in close contact with the Pentagon on those issues," he replied.

The White House spokesman said there are a lot of issues involved, and there may be good reason to keep the pictures confidential. But he said steps are being taken to provide access to members of Congress who have an interest in military matters.