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Immigration Protests Planned Across US


Immigrant groups around the United States are planning to boycott jobs and classes Monday as part of a campaign for immigration reform.

Organizers hope the boycott - being billed as a "Day Without Immigrants" - will show the contributions of the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants. Rallies are also planned in major cities.

Some large companies, including Cargill and Tyson Food, say they plan to close facilities to allow mostly Hispanic workers to participate in events.

But the immigrant community is itself divided about the planned boycott. Some fear it may backfire and have a negative effect on U.S. public opinion.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce warns the boycott could hurt the Hispanic business community.

Some people plan to mark the day by participating in other activities, scheduled before or after school and work.

Among those who will be assessing the effects of the boycott are U.S. senators, who are considering legislation that would allow immigrants to earn legal status.

Recent marches have protested a House bill that would have to be reconciled with a Senate version. The measure would tighten immigration laws and impose harsher punishments on illegal immigrants.

President Bush said Friday he does not support boycotts but he has said he favors a comprehensive immigration policy that includes a guest worker program.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.