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China Corruption - Zhou Yongkang

Zhou Yongkang

  • Dec. 1942: Born in Wu Xi city Jiangsu Province
  • Nov. 1964: Became a member of the Communist party
  • March 1998: Became party secretary of China National Petroleum Corporation
  • 1999: Appointed Sichuan's party secretary
  • 2002: Appointed member of the Politburo at the 16th Party Congress and became minister of public security
  • 2007: Joined the Standing Committee of the Politburo
  • 2012: Political ally Bo Xilai was removed from office; other political allies were investigated and/or fired
  • No. 2012: Retired
  • Dec. 2013: His son Zhou Bin was arrested on charges of corruption
  • Dec. 2014: Arrested and the Communist party expelled him