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Impeachment Bid Against Bulgaria's President Fails

Bulgaria's ruling right-wing party has failed to get enough votes to impeach President Georgi Parvanov.

The parliament Wednesday voted 155 to 72 in favor of impeachment, but the motion needed more than 160 votes, or a two-thirds majority to proceed. It was the first ever impeachment motion in the nation's history.

The ruling GERB party has been at odds with the Socialist Mr. Parvanov because of a political dispute between the president and Finance Minister Simeon Djankov.

Mr. Parvanov had called for Djankov's resignation after Djankov appeared to disparage the president on a television talk show earlier this month.

The GERB accused the president of violating the constitution and meddling in government affairs.

The president's role is mostly ceremonial, and many legal experts said even if the motion had passed, it would likely have been rejected by Bulgaria's constitutional court.

Some information for this report was provided by Reuters.