Anti-quarantine demonstrators hang placards that reads "no to the new world order"
FILE - Anti-quarantine demonstrators wear signs reading "no to the new world order", protesting quarantine measures in Buenos Aires, May 30, 2020.

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Claim: COVID-19 is a "scam" being used to "destroy the global economy" for a new world order.

Verdict: False

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Circulating on social media: A Facebook post describing a person in Canada who was allegedly diagnosed with Covid-19 after canceling a swab appointment is circulating online amid claims that the number of infections is inflated.

Verdict: False

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Factual Reads on Coronavirus

Four reasons for encouragement based on Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine results
The world has been waiting for good news on Covid-19 vaccines. Monday it got a bunch of it.
-- Stat, November 9

A minority of people with covid-19 account for the bulk of transmission
In two Indian states 10% of people caused 60% of subsequent infections.
-- The Economist, November 7