A man in personal protective equipment (PPE) sanitizes a temple before they reopen for the public amid the spread of the…
A man in personal protective equipment (PPE) sanitizes a temple before they reopen for the public amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Mumbai, India, Nov. 15, 2020.

More than 54 million coronavirus cases have been confirmed around the world, the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center reported Sunday.  

The U.S., India and Brazil continue to top the list as the places with the most infections.  The U.S. has more than 11 million cases, while India and Brazil have 8.8 million and 5.8 million, respectively.   

On Sunday, India reported 41,100 new infections in the previous 24-hour period.  

Mexico’s tally of coronavirus cases passed the 1 million mark Saturday. Mexico has avoided issuing mask-wearing mandates or lockdowns.   

Masks “are an auxiliary measure to prevent spreading the virus,” Mexican Assistant Health Secretary Hugo López-Gatell told the Associated Press, rejecting international public health experts’ pleas to wear masks to stop people from contracting and spreading the coronavirus. “They do not protect us,” Lopez-Gatell said of the masks, “but they are useful for protecting other people.”

Johns Hopkins University reports Mexico has recorded more than 98,000 COVID-19 deaths.

Officials in Argentina have been placed in isolation after a member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission tested positive for COVID-19. The IMF team was in Buenos Aires to discuss a new relief package for the country, which faced an ailing economy even before the pandemic hit.

Argentina has recorded more than 1.3 million cases of COVID-19 and more than 35,000 consequent deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Algerian officials may reimpose restrictions meant to quell the spread of the virus, which were eased in June. The North African country has confirmed more than 67,000 cases of the virus.

A surge in cases in the U.S. has prompted the Navajo Nation to impose a three-week lockdown, beginning Monday.  

“The Navajo Nation is experiencing an alarming rise in positive COVID-19 cases and uncontrolled spread in 34 communities across the Navajo Nation,” the reservation’s Department of Health said in a public health order announcing the lockdown. “These cluster cases are a direct result of family gatherings and off-Reservation travel.”

The Navajo health department reported Saturday that there are 13,249 COVID-19 infections on the massive reservation where almost 600 people have died from the virus.  

In Europe, the continent is facing another surge of the coronavirus and several countries have imposed tighter COVID-19 restrictions. On Saturday, Poland reported a new daily record of about 550 coronavirus-related deaths, bringing the country’s total to more than 10,000, according to Johns Hopkins University.  

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is self-isolating after being in contact with a member of parliament who tested positive for COVID-19. Johnson fell sick with the virus in April.

France, which has confirmed more than 1.9 million cases of COVID-19, is in its second lockdown of the year, which is scheduled to last until December 1. French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday that the next few days would be decisive.

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