The river Onyar is seen swollen during a storm in Girona, Spain, on Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020. Since Sunday the storm has hit…
The swollen river Onyar is shown during a storm in Girona, Spain, on Jan. 23, 2020.

A violent storm on the eastern and southern coasts of Spain has killed at least 10 people after causing severe infrastructural damage.

According to weather authorities, the storm named Gloria has lasted for five days, accompanied by heavy winds, snow and hail, which has drowned people and caused them to be hit with loose debris.

The storm also has caused power outages in more than 10,000 homes and the destruction of bridges, railway lines, and entire beaches. Due to the possibility of severe damage to river banks, 600 residents were evacuated Wednesday from their homes in northeastern Spain.

WATCH: Storm Gloria Causes Death, Destruction in Spain


In order to prepare for the upcoming tourist season, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said he will address both short- and medium-term needs of the damaged areas in an emergency meeting on Friday.

The prime minister said climate change may have had an impact. “Public administrations have to reflect on how to shift gears and focus our economic resources and public policies ... on a new element, and that is climate change,” said Sanchez.

The storm is continuing to spread across Spain, France and Portugal.