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Greece to Vote in Another Parliamentary Election

A woman walks past pre-election posters in Athens June 16, 2012. Greece holds general parliamentary elections on June 17.
Greek voters will cast ballots Sunday in the second parliamentary election in the past six weeks. Observers worldwide will be watching the poll which is seen as a referendum on the euro currency.

Greek soup kitchens reflect the growing poverty in the country hard-pressed by economic crisis. Officials say it is not only the homeless who go to eat there, but also many who have homes but not enough money to buy food.

Many support leftist leader Alexis Tsirpas who wants to repeal the austerity measures imposed by Greece's partners in the eurozone. The move could force the country out of the common currency zone.

His opponent, Antonis Samaras, warns that this could push Greece into an even bigger crisis. His New Democracy party upholds Greek bailout commitments, but wants to ease the austerity measures.

International governments, bankers and investors are preparing for Greece's possible exit from the eurozone which could cause turmoil in the international markets and banking system.

Many voters are not sure which solution would be better for Greece and some are displeased with politicians in general.

After Greece's inconclusive election last month, the top three parties -- the conservative New Democracy, the radical left Syriza, and the socialist PASOK -- were each given a chance to form a coalition. But none of the parties garnered enough support to put together a new government, prompting a repeat election which will take place Sunday.

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