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EgyptAir Planes Involved in Several Crashes, Hijackings Since 1985

EgyptAir planes have been involved in a number of deadly crashes and hijacking incidents during the past 30 years.

-1985: Group of gunmen forced an EgyptAir flight from Athens to Cairo to land in Malta and killed five passengers. Fifty-five others died in crossfire when Egyptian commandos stormed the plane.

-1999: EgyptAir flight 990 crashed into the ocean off the eastern United States killing all 217 on board. U.S. investigators said the crash was intentional, but Egypt rejected the conclusion.

-2002: EgyptAir flight 843 crashed near the airport in Tunisia's capital while trying to land in bad weather, killing at least 18 people.

-2009: Security guards aboard an EgyptAir flight from Istanbul to Cairo overpowered a Sudanese man who tried to hijack the plane.

-2015: Not EgyptAir, but a Russian Metrojet flight crashed in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula shortly after takeoff, killing 224 people. Russia and Western governments said terrorism was likely the cause, and a local Islamic State branch claimed it put a bomb on board.

-2016: Hijacker claiming to have explosives forced an EgyptAir flight to land in Cyprus.