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Press Freedom Podcast: CPJ Director Blacklisted in Pakistan
Press Freedom Podcast: CPJ Director Blacklisted in Pakistan audio player.

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Voice of America is committed to press freedom around the world. Many VOA journalists work in countries that restrain free speech and independent journalism. In those countries, local journalists and news media often face threats or other repercussions yet succeed in delivering news and vital information. This page strives to tell their stories. If you have tips or know of a story we should tell, contact press freedom editor Doug Bernard at or direct message our Twitter account @dfrontiers.



The Changing Map of Press Freedom

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Press Freedom Score

Freedom House rates countries on legal, political and economic freedoms. A total score of 0-30 is designated Free; 31 to 60 is Partly Free; and 61 to 100 indicates Not Free. Rankings are released annually.

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