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Plane Crashes Involving Sports Teams

Plane Crashes Involving Sports Teams

Sept. 7, 2011: Russian hockey team Lokomotiv, 27 players, two coaches and seven club officials, in Tunoshna, Russia.
Jan. 27, 2001: Oklahoma State basketball players Dan Lawson and Nate Fleming, and six team staffers and broadcasters, in Byers, Colorado.
April 28, 1993: Zambia's national soccer team, 18 players and five team officials, in Libreville, Gabon.
Dec. 8, 1987: Peruvian first-division soccer team Alianza Lima, coach Marcos Calderon and 16 players, in Lima, Peru.
Nov. 25, 1985: Iowa State women's cross country team, coach Ron Renko, assistant coach Pat Moynihan, and team members Julie Rose, Susan Baxter and Sheryl Maahs, in Des Moines, Iowa.
March 14, 1980: U.S. amateur boxing team, 14 members, in Warsaw, Poland.
Dec. 13, 1977: University of Evansville men's basketball coach Bobby Watson and 14 players, in Evansville, Indiana
Oct. 13, 1972: Uruguayan rugby club, among the 29 casualties, in the Andes, Chile.
Nov. 14, 1970: Marshall University football team, 36 players, in Huntington, West Virginia
Oct. 2, 1970: Wichita State football team, 14 players, in Colorado.
Sept. 26, 1969: Bolivian soccer team ``The Strongest,'' coach Eustaquio Ortuno, 16 players and two staff members, near Viloco, Bolivia.
April 28, 1968: Lamar Tech track team, five members and the coach, in Beaumont, Texas.
April 3, 1961: Green Cross, eight members of the first-division Chilean soccer team plus two members of the coaching staff, in the Las Lastimas Mountains.
Feb. 16, 1961: U.S. figure skating team, 18 members and 10 coaches and officials, in Belgium.
Oct. 10, 1960: Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo football team, 16 members, in Toledo, Ohio.
Aug. 14, 1958: Egyptian fencing team, six members, in the Atlantic Ocean.
Feb. 6, 1958: English soccer champion Manchester United, eight members, in Munich.
Jan. 7, 1950: Moscow VVS ice hockey team, 11 players, near Sverdlovsk.
May 4, 1949: Italian soccer club Turin. The four-time league champions lost 22 members, including 18 players, in Turin, Italy.
Nov. 8, 1948: Czechoslovak national team, five members including IIHF Hall of Famer, Ladislav Trojak, in the English Channel.

Source: AP