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[AIR DATE: 02 23 2018]


Afro Centrism on Screen

"We have here, a Marvel universe that is unapologetically black."

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Gun Violence in America

“So she’s the bad guy. She’s getting ready to come in this door. She can’t pull it forward because I’m grabbing it. I reach under here, and I just drop.”
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There are nearly as many guns as people in the United States.

In recent years, mass shootings have surged, among them:

Parkland high school 17 killed
San Bernardino attack 14 killed
Las Vegas concert 58 killed

Orlando nightclub 49 killed
Sutherland Springs church 26 killed

Preparing for the Worst))
Gabrielle Weiss))
((MAP: Lynchburg, Virginia, United States))
((Marko Galbreath, Owner, Instructor / T4Tactics))
“Palestine Baptist church came to us after the Texas church shooting and wanted to get a safety team together. This church has hired me to come in and teach them how to identify, prepare, be aware and respond to an active shooter or a violent attack. So during the service I'll walk around and I'll be looking for locked doors, the situation of the nursery, the pre-school, the Sunday school with the kids and then just get a general feel of the property. Their pastor is a retired police officer. They’re just trying to be one step ahead to keep that property secured and safe. So we'll go around and we'll check where the kids are and we'll see how that's locked down and we'll see if we can just walk in there right now. Locked doors are a good sign. They've got it locked down which is perfect.
There’s no open door where I can just walk in to where the kids are and that's a vulnerable area is our kids. Not only for an active shooter attack, but for an abduction or any other incident that could occur. So they've got this whole facility locked down. Service has started, facility has locked down. It's perfect. Perfect.
“A lot of people would look at this and maybe you see beautiful countryside, but I see running out of the church because there’s an active shooter inside. And I see snipers all up in that wood line starting to take people out for a secondary attack. But let's just go with today it's a beautiful countryside.”

((Marko Galbreath, Owner, Instructor / T4Tactics))
“I'm Marko Galbraith and I am the owner of T4Tactics in Lynchburg, Virginia.
If I'm sitting in the congregation right now sitting here and I stand up and I want to take a shot at the pastor, it's not run, hide, fight. Its attack me, attack me, attack me. We go to businesses, churches, schools, hospitals and we teach them active shooter response or how to respond to a violent workplace attack. We also teach self-defense classes and firearm safety classes for conceal permit and multi-state conceal permits. I've been a police officer in the Daytona Beach area for 22 years. During that time I was assigned to task forces, homicide investigations, violent crime investigations, special unit investigations. I was a hostage negotiator for 12 years so with that you have to study a lot of human behavior. And that's what this is all about. How people are going to respond to an attack and then how the attacker is going to carry out the attack. Most of the knee jerk reaction to the horrible Texas church shooting was people are arming themselves in churches. That may not be the answer.
How many concealed holders do we have in here? Good. Wow, good.
We have to have a plan about concealed holders. The knee jerk reaction to the Texas shooting was ‘let’s arm everybody in church.’ Bad. Really bad.
So have a plan. So we don’t just want everybody standing up and shooting because we are going to have a lot of injuries and deaths from cross fire.”
((Marko Galbreath, Owner, Instructor / T4Tactics))
“It’s not right for me to go in and say if this happens, this is what you do. Pulse
nightclub was planned differently than San Bernardino. San Bernardino was planned greatly, much differently than the Las Vegas attack. But what I do is I throw a lot of scenarios at them and say if they come in this door, this is what you do. If they come in this door, this is what you do. If the attack is like this, here’s what you do.”
((Marko Galbreath, Owner, Instructor / T4Tactics))
“You may be in one room at the church and this is the plan for that room. You move to another room with different dynamics, different locations, different stairwells, different exits, different windows, and the plan totally changes. “
((Marko Galbreath, Owner, Instructor / T4Tactics))
“I need a volunteer. Come on up. Oh, one from the back.”
So she’s the bad guy. Hold that gun. Good. Yeah. So she’s the bad guy. We’re locked in a room and here she comes. And I know she’s getting ready to come in this door. So I get one person on this side, and this is why we train as a church. So when she comes through the door, I grab under here, now she can’t pull the gun away. She can’t pull it forward because I’m grabbing it. I reach under here, and I just drop. You feel how that just gets out of your hand. Now you try it. One arm goes under here. Yeah, all the way under. And then wrap this like you own it. And then drop. I can’t get that gun out. There’s no way I’m getting that out. The other person jumps and we go to business on that guy. Give her a hand.”
((Marko Galbreath, Owner, Instructor / T4Tactics))
“My business is doing well. And from a business standpoint I’m very pleased. I wish that there were not as many active shooter events. So it’s kind of bittersweet when I get busy. I always get busy after an active shooter event. I’m glad people are being trained, but I don’t like to see what’s happening in the country.”
“We’re so glad that you came and spent time with us. We do live in a different day and a different time. And so all you sheep dogs out there, now is the opportunity to identify and train. That’s what we need to do. Let’s pray. Father, thank you for this evening. And I pray as our brother goes and instructs other communities of faith, other churches, other businesses. God, that many lives would be saved just because of the proactive nature of being able to try to distance ourselves from any potential harm. But if harm should come, we’ll have a plan. And it’s in the mighty name of our savior, I pray. All God’s people say Amen. Hey y’all have a great evening. Thank y’all.”
((Marko Galbreath, Owner, Instructor / T4Tactics))
“Come here! Come say hello. Hi baby. Hello.
I have people that speak to me and they’re 100 percent against firearms, that’s fine. I understand that and I respect that. But for me I want to carry one. Maybe it’s because I was a retired police officer, but in the business I’m in. But for me, I want to carry one for my own personal protection because the reality is we’re having attacks all over this country. I’m pro-second amendment and I feel that we should keep the right to carry, responsibly carry, firearms.”
((Marko Galbreath, Owner, Instructor / T4Tactics))
“One of the classes that I teach and this is really fun, but in date night we kind of transform the classroom into a nice setting. Candlelight, non-alcoholic wines because we don’t want to mix that with firearms. And my wife is the server and she plays waitress. She really gets into it and we have a good time.”
((Marko Galbreath, Owner, Instructor / T4Tactics))
“Come on in. Welcome to the date night. Have a seat. Why did you guys take the class? What was the reason for you taking the class?”
Man: “I want to know what she needs to know so I can help her.”
Woman: “I really don’t care for guns too much but I still want to learn about them. I have four kids.”
Marko Galbreath: “So I tell a lot people somebody breaks into your house and comes in and takes your TV you can't shoot them because you can’t use deadly force to defend your own property.”
Woman: “It’s just me and my kids, that’s stupid!”
Marko Galbreath: “In Virginia, I can’t use deadly force on somebody to protect property.”
Woman: “As a woman and a mom, it’s frustrating because my first tactic is going to be to defend my children to protect them and I can’t protect them by running, because they are in the opposite side of the house, you know.”
Marko Galbreath: “Yeah and that’s good.”
Woman: “Especially if they are coming to my house. I’m pretty much not going to use it for any other time except for my home.”
Galbreath: “Think about the judge and the jury. Do you leave your house and leave that person in the house with the kids or do you go to your kids down the hallway. I’m going to go to the kids down the hallway and lock myself in the bedroom or barricade myself in bedroom and say, I have gun don’t come down that hallway. I have kids in here, you’re scaring me. Call 9-1-1. 9-1-1 calls are recorded. Get that recorded. You're warning that person. Put the knife down, stay away from me, don’t come in this room, I have a gun you're scaring me, I don't like how you're approaching me. You know, stuff like that. But I don't know that you’re going to get scolded for leaving your kids. You’re protecting yourself. So, we’re going to go through the class. What's your level of experience with guns?”
Woman: “I’ve had a gun class before, but you know I’ve questioned whether I need a concealed carry permit at all. Anyways, because I don't plan on concealing it. And I don’t plan on carrying it.”
Marko Galbreath: “So, these are basic fundamentals of shooting. Trigger squeeze is probably one of the biggest keys in hitting the target. If I have too much finger on the trigger because it’s a small gun, I got big hands, when I go to shoot, I’m going to go right or I’m going to the left, because the trigger squeeze isn’t right.”
Marko Galbreath: “If we’re at the 10-yard line shooting and I move the barrel that much it’s going to be this much at the target and the further back you go the less forgiving it is. So today, when we go to the range, if you’re not hitting where you want, really think about that trigger. So the trigger squeeze, it should be when you're first starting out, big breath in, let half of it out, slowly just squeeze until it goes off.”
Marko Galbreath: “Have you shot your Glock 43?”
Woman: “I’ve shot it twice but because the recoil and the jerk action on it, I just put it away and I don't want to touch it no more.”
Galbreath: “Let’s rent that one, the 43, and then a 22.”
Woman: “It’s pretty identical.”
Clerk: “Just make sure when you go in there, just set the guns down facing down like range, just make sure they stay down range.”
Woman: “Alright here we go!”
Galbreath: “Have you loaded one of these before?”
Man: “No actually I haven’t.”
Galbreath: “You start in the front. Get on target, big breath in, let half of it out and just squeeze as you’re lining up through there.”
Galbreath: “That’s good. I think all of them are in the gray area. From where you hit from the 15-yard line that’s really good shooting.”
Man: “He still died, I lived.”
Galbreath: “You’re up.”
Woman: “That’s what I’m afraid off.”
Galbreath: “Get a good grip on it and remember always finger of it down. Even though it’s unloaded we always keep it pointed downrange.”
Woman: “How many you want me to put in there?”
Galbreath: “Put all of them in.”
Woman: “Okay so do I spin it or anything?”

Galbreath: “When you put it in, just close it. So now it’s ready to fire and just slowly pull the trigger. Good. So if you’re shaking, if you take that deep breath in, you’ll cut down a lot of those shakes.”
Woman: “Am I shooting anything?”
Galbreath: “You did really good, look where you hit.”
Woman: “No way!”
Galbreath: “Yeah right in here, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. He’s been neutralized.”
Woman: “I got him in the neck.”
Galbreath: “Yeah”
Woman: “He’s going down.”
Man: “This is our second date. Can I get number three?”
Galbreath: “Yeah this one is going to be hard to beat.”
Galbreath: “That was their second date and it’s going to be tough for him to beat that one as far as skill and doing something unique. It’s going to be hard to beat that one. Dinner, gun class, and shooting range. That’s just fun.”


A paragraph in the U.S. Constitution covers gun rights.

It’s called the Second Amendment:

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
That assurance was written early in U.S. history when citizens feared the new government might become too powerful.

Some legal scholars believe the amendment was meant to protect the right of states to use militias for self-defense, but the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment established gun ownership rights for private citizens.

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Conflict at the Movies
“It shows that we had so much compassion, so much love that, oh my goodness, we still have some humanity.”


((Banner: At the Movies – Religious Divides))

The Insult))
Penelope Poulou))
Mike Burke))
((Adapted by:
Asia Hester, Mariah Espada, Sully Lockett))

((Courtesy Chyron: Cohen media group))
A minor incident between a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian refugee spirals out of control))

“What pushed him to hit you?”
“You people are lousy bastards.”
“The idea itself started three years ago with a similar incident while I was living in Beirut. And just like the film starts, I was watering my plants. It’s an old apartment so the water leaked and fell on one of the construction workers. He yelled because the water fell on him and we had a heated exchange of words and we ended up yelling at each other.”

“When we are done with him, I want him to say I am 100 times worse than Ariel Sharon.”
“In Lebanon, it’s still a volatile place. It’s very dynamic. Lebanon is so dynamic. But also we had a past.

“We have conflict with the Syrian, the Palestinian, among the Lebanese, the left, the right, the conservatives, the liberals, the pro-West, the pro-East. Lebanon is such a tiny place, but it really absorbs all those kind of things. That’s why it’s so interesting. So, whenever you have that many conflicts, in such a tiny place, surrounded by so many countries, you know we have down south Israel, on the east on the north Syria, we are on a hotbed of problems. Things can get out of hand.
“Don’t let this spoil everything.”
“Turn the light off.”
“I am not Jesus Christ who’ll turn the other cheek.”

((CAPTION: The Insult))

((Banner: Watu Wote))
John Owens))
((Adapted by:
Zdenko Novacki))

In 2015, al-Shabab terrorists attack a bus in Kenya. The gunmen tried to single out Christian passengers, but the Muslims on board refused to identify them.
German film students help retell the incident.
((Courtesy Chyron: Hamburg Media School))
WATU WOTE, Based on a true story))

“It’s a very universal topic. So it’s about solidarity and loyalty and standing up for each other and that applies to every single person on this planet.”
“My favorite part in the movie was when the Muslims stepped in to save us Christians. It shows that we had so much compassion, so much love that, oh my goodness, we still have some humanity in us. Oh my goodness, it is possible for us to come together, help one another, and be our brother's keepers, be our sister's keepers.”
“I had the chance to show the world what our religion really meant because most of the people worldwide know Muslims as the terrorists. My religion doesn’t teach me to kill people, innocent people in fact. Even a small ant, you cannot kill it without a reason.”
“From the beginning of the whole project, the idea was, we wanted to do that as a Kenyan film as well as a German film. It was always the idea that we didn't want it to come as four German students telling a Kenyan story out of a German perspective or point of view. It was always the idea, making this to (be) a Kenyan film.”
“This was such an impactful message and such a great story. And we really were so touched and really wanted to spread it out into the world.”
“This movie cuts across from religion to the police to all the systems we have here in Kenya. It should change the mindsets of everyone, and they will say, ‘Muslims are not bad people.’ "
“95 percent of our crew and team was Kenyan. And I loved, loved, loved working with a Kenyan film crew. I loved the filmmakers we met and we worked with, because, you know, they really want to change lives and societies with their art. So there's a very great vibe in filmmaking here. That's what I love and I really miss that sometimes in Germany.”
“The news are full of tragedies and horrible stories, and it's important to recognize them, that's very important. But I think it's also important that you show people who do something great, to not fight with weapons against it, but with love and kindness.”

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Out of the Shadows
“This film is a major departure as far as the types of roles the black actors are given and the types of storylines that we see black characters in the midst of.”


((Banner: At the Movies: Out of the Shadows))

((Banner: Strong Female Characters))
Penelope Poulou))
Adam Greenbaum))
((Adapted by:
Martin Secrest, Randall Taylor))



“From this day forward, you will become sparrows. Weapons in a global struggle for power. You must learn to sacrifice for a higher purpose. To push yourself beyond all limitation. And forget the sentimental morality with which you were raised.”
((Reporter: “What reactions do you get about the film in the climate that we are in now with women, and MeToo, and the character that you are projecting?”

((Jennifer Lawrence, Actor))

“I think people feel so empowered to watch a woman take control of her body and her sexuality and use it and use her mind to win and she’s always four steps ahead of everybody else in the movie. A lot of women in this part of the world have to learn a level of survival that I can’t even imagine.”




“’Lady Bird’? Is that your given name?”


“Why is it in quotes?”
“I gave it to myself. It’s given to me, by me.”

"I want you to be the very best version of yourself that you can be."

((BANNER: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri))

“So Mildred Hayes, why did you put up these billboards?”

“My daughter Angela was murdered seven months ago. It seems to me the police department is too busy torturing black folks and eating Krispy Kremes to solve actual crime.”

((Martin McDonagh, Filmmaker))

“I wanted to write a really strong female lead of a movie, because the last two movies that I did weren’t really that way inclined. Trying to capture someone who is outrageously angry about a murder, a murder of her daughter, and her attempts at finding justice for that.”
“I guess you’re Angela Hayes’s mother.”

“That’s right. I’m Angela Hayes’s mother.”

((Banner: Step into the Spotlight))
Kane Farabaugh, Penelope Poulou))
Kane Farabaugh, Phoebe Tomsu))
((Adapted by:
Zdenko Novacki, Randall Taylor))

"We have here, a Marvel universe that is unapologetically black.


“There is a black super hero. There is a lot of people like us, and there is a lot of black children in the movie.”
“To see us occupy an African country with kings and queens and warriors, and it's so inspiring! It’s an aspirational nation that, really just kind of, is rejuvenating to the human spirit."


“This film is a major departure as far as the types of roles the black actors are given and the types of storylines that we see black characters in the midst of.”


“We want to see this. We support this. We encourage that more of this is accepted. It is 2018. We have had a black President. We should not be just still having slavery movies. We have seen those stories. We need to see more positive stories.”



“The best films I think we remember because they say something bigger. They say something about who we are as people, and I think the cultural aspects of Black Panther are what are going to allow us to remember it in years to come.
So I think that it will succeed on its own merits as an action film, but I think that, thanks to the talent of (Director) Ryan Coogler, that this will have a lasting value as the sort of perhaps sea change in Hollywood.”


“It is a vision of black people in power, and of black people having control over their own destiny.”


“It is tapped a spirit, and that is why people are coming out in such numbers, bringing their children, dressing in cultural ways of affirming, yes we are very clear about who we are.”


“Typically in cinema, when you see Africa, it tends to be stories about poverty and stories about being stripped and here is the country that in our world is the most technologically advanced in the world. That’s a great example to show to kids.

“You know it says, like I said, anything is possible.”



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