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Midterms 2018 - The Economy

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((Banner: The Economy))
Katherine Gypson))

((Camera: Adam Greenbaum))

((Adapted by: Philip Alexiou))
Fargo and Kindred, North Dakota))
((Banner: North Dakota boasts the second lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 2.4%))

((Brad Ruhro, Legacy Toys))

I can’t speak for everyone but we’re seeing a continual uptick in customers that we’re bringing in. When the economy is doing better, they’re able to spend more on entertainment and fun. So, that’s what we see. We’re hiring. It’s a very competitive market. There’s a lot of jobs being offered out there especially in the retail sectors. So, we try to stand out and we’re a very fun and exciting place to work at and we try to do lots of employee programs that encourage all of that with just how we operate to attract the talent that we’re looking for.


((Teresa Ervasti, Waitress))

I’m a waitress. I’ve never done better myself so, spending more, giving more, enjoying life.

((Banner: But, the trade war with China is causing anxiety for farmers and some small business owners in rural areas))
((Monte Peterson, North Dakota Soybean Council))

My name is Monte Peterson. My wife and I farm 4,000 acres (1,618 hectares) here in Burns County, North Dakota. We’re at a difficult time and understanding if we’re going to have a market for this crop of soybeans and in North Dakota we have a particular concern with the tariffs that have been placed by China. You know crop that doesn’t get delivered to market doesn’t generate income.
((Mary Lee Nielson, Owner, Quilted Ceiling))

We are so dependent on agriculture in North Dakota and this is an agriculture community. So, if we have problems with agriculture, it’s reflected in our small stores. It’s very scary right now. I can see where a lot of farmers don’t want to spend money at this time on anything that’s not necessary because they don’t know what their income’s going to be this year with what’s going on with politics.
((Mary Lee Nielson, Owner, Quilted Ceiling))

People that I know when they go in to vote, they look at the issues, they look at the people and how they stand on the issues.