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Dungan Restaurant

((Banner: Something New))
((Reporter/Camera: Yuyang Ren))
((Adapted by:
Ailin Li))
New York, New York City))
((Banner: The Dungan people are Muslims of Chinese origin. Most live in Central Asia.))
((Aliakbar Azimov, Manager, Lagman House))

This is the first Dungan restaurant in New York, but I also think it’s in entire America. It’s like the very first place where they serve authentic Dungan food. We are trying to introduce the culture to America and American people.
((Aliakbar Azimov, Manager, Lagman House))
Lamian or Lumian is the food that Dungan people eat every day. It’s like how Chinese eat rice every day. Lamian is like, for us, is like rice basically. Lagman is actually a way of saying Lamian in Russian language, but in our language, we say Lumian, which is, “lu” means pull, and “mian” means dough, so the pulled dough basically.
((Aliakbar Azimov, Manager, Lagman House))
I was born and raised in Kazakhstan and my family was originally from China. I like to say we are like, we are Chinese Muslims. I like to introduce myself like Chinese Muslim, Dungan or Huimin (Hui people).
((Aliakbar Azimov, Manager, Lagman House))
Here, living here as a Dungan person, you feel like you want to be Dungan. You want to be who you are and you are proud of your origin, but back in Kazakhstan, like when I went to school, I was embarrassed to say like Dungan, or like I’m not Kazakh. Here, when I tell people story how like, who I am, or like how our people, where’re from, they are very fascinated by the fact, “Oh, that’s very interesting.” That’s so cool to be such a diverse, like a mix. I feel just proud to be Dungan.