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Choo Choo Trains


((Banner: Choo Choo Trains))

((Devin Dotson, Spokesman, US Botanic Garden))
We have 31 different train station models here and they really cover the breadth of the United States, all the way from Hawaii to Washington State to Florida.

((Wendi Elgh, Visitor))

It’s gorgeous. Every year they amaze with the beauty that they, you know, the ingenuity, the creativity.

((Devin Dotson, Spokesman, US Botanic Garden))

And we use the trains because I think trains really celebrate the holiday season for people from two to 92. I think people get excited about trains.

Oh, it’s beautiful. All the stations from the different locations are really well done.
((Kashmira Bhati, Visitor))

He likes that the trains are moving and he can see the train station and the surrounding of the train station too.

((Devin Dotson, Spokesman, US Botanic Garden))

You know, I think model trains are so synonymous with trees and Christmas trees, especially in the United States, where for a lot of families will have a small train to go around their tree.

She loves the trains. They’re everywhere.

((Devin Dotson, Spokesman, US Botanic Garden))
It’s something not everyone rides all the time anymore and so I think there’s a little bit of whimsy associated with them.