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5 Steps to Boost Your Early Action College Apps

Breathing easier after November college admissions deadlines have passed? But wait ... here are a few actions you can take to further improve your chances of acceptance!

1. Check that everything has been submitted. Of course, you've requested submission of your transcripts, recommendations and scores. However, our worthy guidance departments are inundated this time of year. A quick check-in with your counselor is worthwhile just to make sure all has been submitted. Also, don't forget to send in any new SAT or ACT scores.

via GIPHY2. Make this your best quarter ever. This isn't the time to rest on your laurels. Most schools will consider 1st and 2nd quarter grades in their admissions decision, and nothing screams "motivated student" more than an upward trend in grades! Also, check in with your guidance department to ensure they will automatically send these new grades.

via GIPHY3. Make a personal connection. Locate the name of the admissions counselor who handles your geographic area. Send a simple email introduction, and update the counselor on any new accomplishments! If you are an aspiring athlete and haven't yet been recruited, reach out to your preferred coach and introduce yourself! Remember, this is a busy time for admissions folks, so don't pepper them!

via GIPHY4. Take a tour or schedule an interview if you haven't already done so. Demonstrated interest is important to many colleges. But, stay sane: You don't need to visit every school you apply to, but showing your interest to your top choice schools is always a plus.


5. Begin your regular decision applications. In our perfect worlds, we will be handily accepted to our top choice schools. But preparing for deferral or rejection is key. Don't wait until decisions roll in to begin your regular decision applications, especially if they aren't on the Common App.


There's nothing quite like hitting that "submit" button for the first time. Relish it, cross your fingers, and don't forget to congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Have you applied for Early Decision or Early Action? Please share your experience with us in the Comments, and post on our Facebook page, thanks!