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For Young Workers, a Job with 'Grandparent' Benefits

((Banner: Time))
((Reporter: Faiza Elmasry))
((Camera: Adam Greenbaum))
((Adapted by: Martin Secrest))
((Map: Springfield, Virginia))

((Pop-Up Banner: Erickson Living retirement community
brings together seniors and young people))
Hey! How you doing?
Im doing well. Im actually really excited for today, because
afterwards, were going to go to the Springfield Mall with my
((Fredric Roi Marquez, Student Participant))
My grandparents, like, most of them passed away early on
when I was little. So, I didn't really have that grandparent
connection that, like, some of my classmates had, and I was,
kind of, a little bit jealous. Especially, some people had their
grandparents, like, down the street from them. So then, this
place, I get to call so many residents. I got close with
grandma or grandpa, and then some of the residents dont
have, like, family. So then, weve become their family and
its so, so beautiful.
Oh yes, mam. Would you like lemon? Would you like
Alright, Ill grab two lemons. Ill be right back.
((Sally Pritchett, Resident))
Their dedication to what they're doing. They're so active in
all kinds of stuff, not just at school and not here. They're
doing other things too and they're just wonderful.
((Courtney Benhoff, Erickson Living))
We have what we call the Scholars Program, and what it
does is provides financial support to the students, and that
financial support comes directly from the residents who so
appreciate the wonderful service and everything that the
students bring to our communities.
((Roy OConnor, Resident))
It's just a great atmosphere. They're full of fun. You know,
they're learning, because this is, for many of them, the first
time working experience. They can start as a freshman in
high school, OK, and some stay all four years.
Yo, whats up? Oh, you probably have to sign something
((Fredric Roi Marquez, Student Participant))
Honestly, the relationships that you make at this place is,
like, one of my favorite things because you really get to know
each other, because, like, how can you not? You see these
people, like, almost every day of the week.
..paid vacation, you know. So, I've been racking those up.
((Fredric Roi Marquez, Student Participant))
A lot of the residents are very independent, like, I'm
surprised when they tell me their age. They're like: 90, and
Im like: No, you look like you're 60! And like: Oh, you're just
saying. No! I was just like, all the group trips they go to.
They go out more than me!