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Filipino-American Redefines Ancestral Cuisine

((VOA Korean))
((Banner: Food))
((Producer: Eve Unshin Lee))
((Camera: Sanghoon Lee))
((Adapted by: Philip Alexiou))
((Map: Washington, D.C.))

((Richelle, Customer))
I got a rice bowl with chicken and its delicious. I think the food is,
you know, its simple enough to order, you know, find something
that you want, not too, you know, not too much on the menu, not
too overbearing, especially if youre not familiar with Filipino food.
((Jay Aceron, CEO, The Flipside))
Basically, its a restaurant that we want to present Filipino food to
the masses. I mean, everyone knows about Korean, Chinese,
Vietnamese, but as far as Filipino, its not that much out there.
((Carl, Employee))
So, what we have here is the Pork Adobo Belly. So, like I said,
this is what people actually go for. And then, this is the chicken
version of that Chicken Adobo.
((Carl, Employee))
So, every household in the Philippines can actually cook Adobo.
So, we want it to be here. We want that, you know, the culture, to
introduce our culture, which, this is one of them. So here you go,
((Jay Aceron, CEO, The Flipside))
I was born in California. I dont remember that, because every
two years we moved to different places because my father was in
the military. I lived in Korea, Japan, Germany, Alabama, Florida.
At home Im Filipino, but when I communicate to the world, Im,
like, still American.
((Jay Aceron, CEO, The Flipside))
My father always used to say, he says, You are a Filipino
wherever you go. So, you are a Filipino. You have to strive
harder. You have to work harder. So, thats why we try to excel
in everything that we do.
((Jay Aceron, CEO, The Flipside))
My roots are still Filipino, like, when all my cousins come through,
and all of a sudden, you feel like a connection with them. Im not
really like that, but you feel like them.
((Jay Aceron, CEO, The Flipside))
You know, what I recommend is our national dish, which is a
Filipino Adobo.
((Patrick, Customer))
His cooking definitely hits home. Its the right flavor. Its the right
seasoning. He marinates his meat really well. Its also fresh. In
the past, I would say, 5 years, 5 or 6 years, you could see, you
know, just hints of fusion. But theres also something like this
which is just completely, just all Filipino, which is celebrated by all
of us.