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Art of Ice Cream

((PKG)) LEOPOLD’S ICE CREAM AT 100 ((VOA Russian))
((Banner: Something Cold)) ((Reporter: Karina Bafradzhian))
((Camera: Andrey Degtyarev))
((Adapted by: Zdenko Novacki))
((Map: Savannah, Georgia))

((CUSTOMER)) It's such a hot day that we're all melting. So, we decided to come get ice cream, chocolate. They have all these fancy flavors, but nothing beats chocolate.

((STRATTON LEOPOLD, OWNER, LEOPOLD'S ICE CREAM)) We will never change the way we make ice cream. We make it in five-gallon batches each time. All natural, just with the fresh ingredients, everything.

((STRATTON LEOPOLD, OWNER, LEOPOLD'S ICE CREAM)) My father made ice cream. I was a fairly stocky child. I ate a lot of ice cream. My friends all came. We all ate ice cream. My mother was a wonderful cook, so Greek pastries were everywhere. It was a life filled with desserts. I promised my father I would never change it because he said, ‘you must never try to copy someone else’. So, we don't. So, it's always exactly the same.

((CUSTOMER)) We’ve never had ice cream like this before.

((CUSTOMER)) I couldn’t stop at the small cup. I am getting a banana split. Well, he’s got a big banana split coming. Yeah. One flavor was not enough.

((NATS)) (
(SAGE, EMPLOYEE, ICE CREAM)) We get a free scoop every day and I'm always taking home one. Occasionally, you get a little tired of it but it's really good ice cream and there's so many flavors that you can always switch it up in terms of getting something new.

((CUSTOMER)) The ice cream was creamy and flavorful, not too creamy, not too sugary. As you can see, it's nothing but paper left. So, I fully enjoyed it. Thank you all so much.

((STRATTON LEOPOLD, OWNER, LEOPOLD'S ICE CREAM)) When we were opening this location, the original was close by. But 15 years ago, there was a very religious Catholic couple, and they would write little prayers and put them under the statue of the Virgin Mary, praying that we would open soon. It's a cute story. And when we did, they were very pleased. ((NATS))