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Tandem Biking

((VOA Russian))
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(Reporter: Anna Nelson))
((Camera: Vladimir Badikov; Natalia Latukhina))
((Adapted by: Martin Secrest))
((Map: New York City, New York))

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((NATS - bikers))
Yeah, a swimming pool, and during the winter time, they convert it to an ice skating rink.

((Susan Genis, InTandem Cycling Participant))
I like freedom, a sense of flying and a sense of movement and speed that you really lose when you're visually impaired, because you can't move as quickly. Even I love to walk, but even walking, I have to be more cautious than I used to be.

((NATS – bikers))
Nice to see you again. You’re not wearing a pretty dress this time.

((Matthew Nidek, Executive Director, InTandem))
A lot of our volunteers come through an organization called New York Cares and they could be anywhere between, you know, students that are here studying for the summer, or maybe they have the summer off. There's a lot of professional folks that like to ride with us. There's a lot of cyclists that we see in the park that, you know, will see our jerseys. They'll see us riding and they'll come up to us and say, how can we become involved? So, we have a lot of volunteers that are, you know, just regular cyclists around the town that have seen us and want to be a part of what we do. We've trained over 100 volunteers so far this year already. On our list of volunteers that we recruit from, we have around 600.

((NATS – bikers))
((Benjamin Gent, Volunteer, InTandem))
There's always many different opportunities to volunteer throughout the city, but this one appealed to me because I actually cycle to work every day. Everybody's different that I've been riding with. They've all come from different, you know, areas. People that I would probably never connect to, or never really interact with, on my normal, you know, daily work life and on the weekends. So, it's cool to meet those people and it seems like they're always so happy to go for rides.

((NATS – bikers))
1,2,3, alright. Thanks guys. I assume you did six? Yes. Want some rest, Oday? Yeah, that would be nice.

((Matthew Nidek, Executive Director, InTandem))
We could use some more space. We're looking to expand, maybe, out to Brooklyn, or Queens, or the Bronx, where we can have another trailer full of tandems and run programs, maybe, twice a week in those parks as well. So, it would be wonderful. That's our next step. It’s our dream to have that happen in the next year or so.

((NATS – bikers))