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New Life for an Old Church

((Banner: New Life for an Old Church))
((Reporter: Nataliya Leonova))
((Camera: Oleksii Osyka))
((Adapted by: Zdenko Novacki))
((Map: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania))

((Sean Casey, Owner, Church Brew Works))
This church was built in 1902 and came up for sale, and it
was, “Wow, this is a cool building. Let's do something neat.
A very European-style brew pub could be really, really cool
in here.” So, they actually wanted the building to remain in
the community and part of the community.
((Patron, Church Brew Works))
The first time I came here, I felt, drinking beer in a church, I
just didn't feel comfortable at all. But then, when I realized it
was de-sanctified, then I just went along with the flow.
((Dan Yarnall, Head Brewer, Church Brew Works))
I think the vast majority of the people, that they really have
no qualms about this. This has been here so long now in
Pittsburgh, it's definitely part of the culture. It's part of, you
know, kind of the landscape.
((Jason Campbell, Patron, Church Brew Works))
It's unique just because of the atmosphere. I mean, the
ceiling alone is, what is that, like 50 feet [15 meters] or
something like that. And you can see how they have all the
equipment set up there.
((Patron, Church Brew Works))
When the sun, and the sun sets over here, when it
penetrates those windows, it's gorgeous, just gorgeous.
((Jeff Hazard, Patron, Church Brew Works))
You walk in and it's big, and there’s an echo. You, kind of,
feel like you're in church really. But then, you see all the
vats and all the silos and all that stuff and people have a
beer, it’s a little different. I had rattlesnake for the first time.
I didn’t even know they served it here, but it was on the
menu. So, that was good.
((Patron, Church Brew Works))
This church is actually part of the Pittsburgh history, in the
sense that Pittsburgh went through a period of de-
industrialization. And when the steel mills closed back in the
80s, people that used to come and worship here left, and the
church was, you know, basically no longer needed.
((Sean Casey, Owner, Church Brew Works))
This place is now part of the community. People can
continue to gather. Even though it was once a house of
worship, and people would socialize and interact and have
school, weddings, dances. That opportunity is still here, just
in a different form. So, we're still a part of the fabric of the