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Yoga for Everyone

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((Reporter: Karina Bafradzhian))
((Camera: Andrey Degtyarev))
((Adapted by: Martin Secrest))
((Map: Savannah, Georgia))
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((Popup Banner: Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher,
writer and body positive advocate))
((Jessamyn Stanley, Yoga Instructor))
My friends and family have always been, like, I don't want to
say they've been unsupportive but they definitely did not
understand what I was doing. There are so many people,
who, for whatever reason, believe that they are not capable
of practicing yoga. And I just thought that was wild because
the yoga practice is really meant for everyone. It's meant for
every stage of life, no matter what happens to you but we
have this very limited idea of what a yoga practitioner looks
like. We think that it's only a white, slender-bodied,
cisgender, heterosexual person, usually a woman, usually
wealthy, usually traditionally educated. And if we're not in
that bubble, then we think it's not for us. And I've realized
that through being visible on social media, there's a way to
really shift that paradigm.
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((Jessamyn Stanley, Television Commercial))
Yoga is key for my life. When you're practicing something
that really pushes you out of your comfort zone, there's
something magical about seeing who you really are.
((NATS: Yoga studio - Jessamyn:
Exhale, four-fold, over your legs. Take it in, breathe it in.
Inhale, lengthen it out, through the spine to the chest.
Exhale, clamp the hands down, step back, high point.))
((Jessamyn Stanley, Yoga Instructor))
It's definitely something that wasn't a goal of mine, like, I
never wanted to be a yoga teacher. People would ask me to
come teach them. I would just be, like, you should try this
teacher or you should do this thing because, like, there are
literally thousands of yoga teachers. Why do you need for
me to come teach you? But I didn't realize how important it
is to have a lot of different voices speaking about this
experience because we're not all speaking the same
language, whether that's, like, a metaphorical language or a
literal language. And while my message can't resonate for
everyone and it won't, it could resonate for at least one
person. And that has really motivated my whole teaching
practice. It's just wanting to reach the one person who
needs to hear what I'm saying.