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Community Health Care

((Banner: Help for the Uninsured))
((Reporter/Camera: June Soh))
((Map: : Chesapeake, Virginia))

((Tammy Givens, Patient))
Twelve years ago, I woke up one morning and ended up in
an emergency room and that's when I found out that I was a
diabetic. And I was in the hospital for four days and that's
when I was referred to Chesapeake Care Clinic. And
Chesapeake Care Clinic has been my life saver.
((NATS: Tammy Givens and Dr. Dwight Matthias))
Hi, Doctor Matthias.
Nice seeing you again.
Good to see you always.
Let’s review what went on with your blood test and the
results, okay?
You can see that the scar has healed perfectly. So, I am
proud of that. You, okay?
The things are going great. Now, as you know, you have
many other endocrine issues that is going on.
((Tammy Givens, Patient))
I've been seeing an endocrinologist. I've had a parathyroid
removed in June. After becoming a patient of theirs, I found
out that I not only was diabetic, I have high blood pressure. I
have suffered with sleep apnea and I was given a sleep
apnea machine to keep me breathing at night. Without this
machine, I could’ve been dead. I've been without a health
insurance for more than 20 years. My income was not
enough to pay for it.
((NAT: Medical staff))
I heard a little bit of what she talked with you about. Why
don’t you tell me what she went over with you.
((Virgil Wiley, Patient))
I was in a motorcycle accident a few years ago and I got
broken teeth and abscess in my mouth. And I am self-
employed. I don't make a lot of money and this is the only
way I can get my health fixed.
((Juan Montero, Retired Surgeon, Founder - Chesapeake
Care Clinic))
It was October 1st, 1992 when this clinic opened, solely for
the uninsured and the lower income people underserved in
health care. Wealthy as this country is, there is still millions
of patients that don’t have insurance. Many patients fell
between cracks and not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid
nor wealthy enough to pay for health insurance.
((NAT: Dr. Dwight Matthias))
Breathe in for me. Hold, release.
((Dr. Dwight Matthias, Endocrinologist, Chesapeake
Care Clinic))
I have been volunteering here for over 15 years. I am one of
the 500 volunteers here at this clinic. All volunteers include
from administration, medical, dental, pharmacy, nurses,
dental students.
((NAT: Tracy Decker))
Sugar and it also has protein. So, if you add milk, that is
healthier than adding sugar.
((Tracy Decker, Registered Nurse, Chesapeake Care
I volunteer at the clinic here. I am a registered nurse. I
teach diabetic education because about a third of our
population actually has diabetes here at the clinic. So
important for the patients who have diabetes to understand
how they can control their diabetes so that they don’t have
long-term and short-term complications. Complications can
kill patients. We work as a team and the patient is the center
of the team and we're all helping to keep everybody as
healthy as possible.
((Tammy Givens, Patient))
I take about 16 pills a day and I take the insulin at night. And
that medication will cost me more than 680 dollars for 30-day
prescription fee, you know, together. And I pay about 16
((Virgil Wiley, Patient))
Today, I have received two EpiPens and the original cost of
it was 730 dollars and I paid two dollars today. And it's for
severe reactions to bees, food, anything that you’re severally
allergic to. It could be life threatening. And if I didn't get it
here, I wouldn't be able to afford it at all.
((Dr. Dwight Matthias, Endocrinologist, Chesapeake
Care Clinic))
Chesapeake Care Clinic is funded from the generosity and
the donation of good-hearted individuals from our
((Tammy Givens, Patient))
I live with my mom. Because of Chesapeake Care helping
me and providing me with the care that they do, I am able to
stay here and take care of my mom and do all of
volunteering and things and working in the administrative
part of the church.
((Tammy Givens, Patient))
Otherwise, I certainly would not be here today.