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Tattoo Veteran

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((Reporter: Martin Secrest))
((Camera: Gabrielle Weiss))
((Map: Clarksville, Tennessee))

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Kentucky’s Fort Campbell is one of the largest military
installations in the world.))
((NATS: Fire! (shots) ))
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The economies of Fort Campbell and the local community
are intertwined.))
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Love Blood Ink Tattoo owner Buryl “Dizzy” Hampe is a
veteran of Fort Campbell))
((Burly “Dizzy” Hampe, Owner, Love Blood Ink Tattoo))
I got into the service when I joined in ’95. I already had
some tattoos and started getting tattooed at a young age
and just loved the art of it. And being an artist since I was a
kid, drawing, it was fascinating to see people put permanent
art on skin. And Love Blood Ink Tattoo just came to me. I
could stay in Fort Campbell. I could still be a part of a
soldier's life and mentoring. And you know, these guys trust
us, you know, with their skin.
((Alyson Fotias, Customer, Love Blood Ink Tattoo))
The theme that I'm working with, with Dizzy, is a Tim Burton
sleeve. I love all of Tim Burton's movies. So, we just picked
out a few of the iconic ones. Today, we're doing Jack from
Nightmare Before Christmas.
Set you an appointment, shade and color. Then set an
appointment, shade and color. Then we can talk about fill.
You want to do that?))
((Alyson Fotias, Customer, Love Blood Ink Tattoo))
When I was first looking for a tattoo artist here, everybody
said, “If you want American traditional, you come to Dizzy.”
So …..
It's not going to be nice, OK? Just so you know. I just
tattooed a guy last week and I got into his armpit a little bit
and you would have thought that, like, I ruined his life. He
was so distraught and so, like.....(laughs) ))
((Burly “Dizzy” Hampe, Owner, Love Blood Ink Tattoo))
I think in the 30s and 40s, when tattoos and the military were
really coming together, I think that the sailors were, you
know, they were missing home. Very popular was “Mom,” a
Mom heart. You know, a lot of young sailors and soldiers
missed Mom. First time away from home.
((Burly “Dizzy” Hampe, Owner, Love Blood Ink Tattoo))
I feel like my art is inspiring and I think that to put it on a
body to be viewed by millions of people throughout the
owner's life is truly a blessing. You know, people will look at
paintings and look at drawings and they'll forget about them.
To look down at your arm and remember. You might not
remember my name but you’ll remember 25 years from now,
you were sitting in this shop, having a talk with some dude
they called Dizzy. So that's why I'm a tattoo artist.