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Thinking Magically

((Jorge Yances: Magical Realist Painter))
((Banner: Magical Realism))
((Executive Producer: Marsha James))
((Camera: Kaveh Rezaei))
((Map: Nashville, TN))
((Main characters: 1 male))
((Jorge Yances, Magical Realism Artist))
Creating a painting is a feeling of satisfaction for the body and the mind to be able to
create something, to put something down. I paint because it is a necessity for myself
and when I don't do it I get very irritated and I’m not too happy to live with.
My name is Jorge Arrieta Yances and I am a magical realism artist.
When I came here to the United States, I was 13 years old. Even though my family
came from art background, trying to make a living was not easy. And so a lot of times I
had to go and just find places, you know, just to make my stretcher bars and canvas or
not canvas. It could have been just cardboard or paper. In a way it was good because I
learned that you can really work with whatever was available.
Being from Cartagena, we are the city of magical realism. For me magical realism is
expressing something that is inside of you, expressing yourself and you combine that
with part of what you see around you. When you walk around in the old downtown
Nashville and you see this old building, these old walls, if you really just take your time
and you can see there were so many history, so many people that stood in those walls,
that touch the walls, the energy of everybody that was there before and that's what I get
when I do my work.
So the faces and the bodies and everything that appears on my canvases they’re there.
I don't paint them. It’s pretty much like, like the canvas is telling me ‘Here I am. Do you
need me? Do you want to paint me? Do you want me to be part of your canvas?’ Here it
is because most of the time it’s not there in the next canvas.
When I start a canvas, a lot of times, right away the canvas tells me where I should go.
My paintings, really they don't have titles and that's the idea. Whoever looks at it, let the
viewer, whatever they can take out of the painting, that's what it’s about.
My favorite painting is the next one that I'm going to create. Once I'm done I cannot wait
to do the next one. The next one is really the one that I think is going to be the best
one. And so, that's what keeps me motivated and keep on going.
I have had quite a few exhibits in Mexico in different cities. I have done exhibit in
Colombia. I was invited to do exhibit in China, in Hong Kong. And here in the United
States, I’ve done all over the states, all over the country.
To become a painter or an artist I believe that’s something that is there, it just comes.
Sometimes it's difficult but if you have it inside you will do it no matter what, for as long
as it takes.