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Rays of Hope

((Banner: Remembrance in Light))
((Reporter/Producer: June Soh))
((Camera: Sora Yamahira, Bell Visuals))
((Map: Washington, DC))
((Main character: 1 male))
((Robin Bell, Projection Artist))
One of the projects we’re going to continue to work on is the
COVID memorial in looking at ways of how we can create
projection memorials in places. It really helps serve a
purpose. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, people can't
be around each other. And it makes it really hard to mourn
the loss and to mourn the death.
((Robin Bell, Projection Artist))
We do this part of these projections with this group that's
doing this COVID MEMORIAL.
So, I've taken the content that they have and I’ve been using
that to project onto buildings. And that’s photographs of
people who’ve died from COVID and words from their loved
((Courtesy: Bell Visuals))
((Robin Bell, Projection Artist))
My name is Robin Bell. I am an artist and filmmaker in
Washington, DC.
My specialty is projection art. So, I do projections on
((Courtesy: Bell Visuals))
buildings, museums, galleries. I do it with music. We also
do projections all around the city, all around the country and
some international projections as well. COVID-19 is
definitely, like most people in this country, it has directly
impacted the work we do.
((Robin Bell, Projection Artist))
Every event that we have, you know, set up has been either
cancelled or postponed. The best you can tell now, you
know, it’s going to be a long time before we get that kind of
work back.
((Robin Bell, Projection Artist))
It’s like somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds delay. So, I
just zoomed out a little bit. Let me know if that’s good and I
can go more if you want.
((Robin Bell, Projection Artist))
We now do projections in my studio just out the window in
Washington, DC. We do this because we love to do it and
because we know it is an important service for the
community that we live in. We’ve done some projections
that were as simple as WASH YOUR HANDS.
With COVID-19, most of our work now is online. That’s
where most people will see the work we do. We have a
Twitter. We have an Instagram and Facebook.
((Courtesy: Facebook Live))
((Robin Bell, Projection Artist))
Yeah, excited to show you some stuff. So, this is what we
are doing right now at this very moment.
((Robin Bell, Projection Artist))
We get comments in real time especially when we're doing
Facebook Live or a live stream. People would give
encouragement or would give some suggestions. It’s pretty
amazing. It’s pretty awesome to be able to share it with
people who are also stuck at home as well.
((Robin Bell, Projection Artist))
Yeah, I mean, I guess at some point I can, I can zoom in.
((Robin Bell, Projection Artist))
I think it's really important to continue doing what we do,
even though we can't be on the street the way that we were
used to. I also get a lot of comfort and solace when we
create a really good projection that makes people feel better
or that really shows something. So, I quite enjoy doing what
we do. And if it works well, I get a lot out of that.
((Banner: In recent weeks, Robin Bell has also begun
shining a light on racial inequality))