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Outdoor Gyms

((Banner: Outdoor Gyms))
((Reporter: Faiza Elmasry))
((Camera: Mike Burke))
((Map: Springfield, Virginia))
((Main characters: 3 female; 2 male))
Two more. One. Two. Three. Good Stephanie.
((Brenda Zepf, Mat Fusion Instructor))
I've taught this class for probably 12 years. It's a combination of
Pilates and yoga. And so, we combine the core strength and the
strength of flexibility and some meditation of the Yoga.
And eight more. One.
((Heidi Tryon, Mat Fusion Participant))
It's just nice to be outside and enjoy the fresh air
((Heidi Tryon, Mat Fusion Participant))
and not be in a closed room. The balance aspect, you have to
work a little harder at whatever you're doing because there's the
uneven surface underneath of you. So, you get an added
exercise that way.
Eleven. Twelve.
((Heidi Tryon, Mat Fusion Participant))
Thankfully, I didn't have to deal with that whole aspect of, ‘Do I go
into work with sick kids? Do I stay home? Do I, am I bringing the
illness home to my family?’ Luckily, that whole component was
taken out of the picture because I am currently retired. But it was
unusual that we’re all home.
Three. Four. Yes. Terry. Yeah.
((Laurie Stricklin, Fitness Director, South Run Recreation
The program that we're doing right now is outdoor fitness classes.
One. Two. Three. Four.
((Laurie Stricklin, Fitness Director, South Run Recreation
Due to not having any indoor classes right now for social
distancing and COVID and disinfecting everything, we needed to
implement something to give to the customers. We're only
allowing nine people. We have to make sure the customers are
safe. A lot of customers are not ready to come inside.
So, what we're gonna do is we're going to do some, a warm up.
We've implemented virtual classes where
((Courtesy: Laurie Stricklin))
you can just click a link and then take classes.
((Patrick Hall, Body Combat Participant))
I was fortunate that my company allowed us to work from home
almost immediately in March. The drawback of that is that also
my workouts were done at the fitness center at work. So, it really
took a toll on my exercise routine. ((NATS))
Oh yeah. I like it.
((Patrick Hall, Body Combat Participant))
The obvious benefit is that I could do this with my 14-year-old
son. Just as my workout routine was affected by not being able to
go to the gym at my office, his workout routine, not having
physical education in school, was also affected. It's been great to
have an opportunity to work on his fitness as well as my fitness
and do something together. It's a bonding exercise.
((Alexander Hall, Body Combat Participant))
I see the Body Combat has been like a great life-changing
experience. I came from being like, ‘Oh man, I don't know what to
do. The gym is down’ to now be like, ‘Wow, I got the
transformation and I didn't even need to go to the gym.’
((Brenda Zepf, Mat Fusion Instructor))
We have lots of space and so everybody can do it and feel safe.
A lot of us are at home and maybe we're not in our office. And
so, maybe our chairs aren't right and developing aches and pains
because we're not ergonomically correct.
((Brenda Zepf, Mat Fusion Instructor))
And so, we can come here and kind of undo.
((Heidi Tryon, Mat Fusion Participant))
Exercise is very important for the body, not just physically but also
emotionally and especially when we're under times of stress,
Three. Two. One.
((Heidi Tryon, Mat Fusion Participant))
and make you feel better about yourself, make your body
healthier. It's just a great way to get out there and do something
and not just be stationary or sitting in front of the television.
Hey, great, great