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((TRT: 05:35))
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((Reporter: Faiza Elmasry))
((Camera/Editor: June Soh))
((Map: McLean, Virginia; Fairfax, Virginia))
((Main characters: 2 male; 1 female))
((Sub characters: 1 male; 1 female))
((NATS: Ben Joel and Ella))
Hey Ella. How you’re doing?
My name is Ben. It’s nice to meet you. All right, great.
So, we'll just be doing a little tutoring session. A mother
bird sat on her egg.
((Ben Joel, Co-founder & CEO, Intutorly))
We tutor kids all the way from kindergarten up to eighth
grade in math, reading, writing, science, social studies.
((NATS: Ben Joel and Alex Joel))
Oh, here we have Gabriel. He says he has some previous
tutoring experience in preschool to second grade tutoring.
Oh look, he knows Spanish.
Yeah, yeah. That's great!
((Ben Joel, Co-founder & CEO, Intutorly))
Also, we've expanded into English as a second language
and we're now offering Spanish, Chinese and French
language instruction.
((Ben Joel, Co-founder & CEO, Intutorly))
We read the news a lot and we saw many articles coming
out about the learning losses due to COVID. And in those
articles, they were talking about how this, our generation
could be severely set back due to all the learning loss.
And Alex and I found that very troubling.
((Alex Joel, Co-founder, Intutorly))
So, we decided to use our windfall of free time during
shutdown to create Intutorly which is an organization
dedicated to providing that educational support and fixing
the issues caused in education by the pandemic.
((NATS: Ben Joel and Alex Joel))
So, this is our website,, and the first thing
you'll see is I want to become a student or I want to
become a tutor.
((Alex Joel, Co-founder, Intutorly))
We very quickly grew from just a local organization to one
that's now national and international. Thanks to our social
media outreach efforts and the spread of word of mouth,
we are now in 23 states and three other countries.
((NATS: Ben Joel and Alex Joel))
We also have a writing tutor here from Tennessee so we
can match them.
All right, great. That's a good match.
I’ll send them an introduction email.
((Ben Joel, Co-founder & CEO, Intutorly))
Intutorly is a matchmaking service. We connect our tutors
with our students. So currently, we have about 275 tutors
and around 280 students.
((NATS: Ben Joel, Alex Joel and Shelby Wilcox))
How you've been working with your students, like, what
are some tactics you’ve employed?
I like to incorporate different interests that they have into
my lessons. So, one of my students is really into Harry
Potter and the books.
That’s nice.
So, I like to have her write and read and I taught her
speech and debate. So, she gave speeches on Harry
Oh, that's so funny.
Yeah, that's a great way to combine her interest with the
subject matter.
((Shelby Wilcox, Tutor, Intutorly))
I go to school with Ben and Alex. The three of us compete
on the speech and debate team together. So, when they
first started the organization, they recruited me as one of
their first tutors.
So, my high (point) was that I’ve had five sessions with
Delila so far. French. And I think in the beginning, she
was kind of like hesitant. She wasn’t like super engaged.
It was like kind of awkward, but now she’s getting more
into it.
That’s great to hear. I’ve a suggestion, sometime.....
((Ben Joel, Co-founder & CEO, Intutorly))
The main way we connect with them is through our weekly
meetings. We have these meetings every Sunday.
((Shelby Wilcox, Tutor, Intutorly))
It's really helpful to get different ideas and inspirations
from other tutors. For example, one tutor shared that they
actually joke, give a joke to their student before every
meeting. And I thought that was a good idea. So, now I
do that with my students. And I also think that sharing
resources is really important.
((Courtesy: Shelby Wilcox))
((NATS: Shelby Wilcox and Alek))
So today, we’ll start with some division problems, like we
normally do to warm you up. So, let me pull those up.
I’ll try to do this by myself.
OK, perfect. Just let me know when you're done.
((Shelby Wilcox, Tutor, Intutorly))
I tutor two students right now and I'm also in the process
of getting in touch with a parent of a third student.
((NATS: Shelby Wilcox and Alek))
((Courtesy: Shelby Wilcox))
So, I think the answer is ten, 10,125, remainder one.
Perfect! That's exactly right.
((Shelby Wilcox, Tutor, Intutorly))
One of my students is named Alek. He is a third grader
and I'm tutoring him in math and writing.
((Courtesy: Shelby Wilcox))
But we mainly focus on math.
((Alek, Student))
I like everything we learn. We, she, whenever we're doing
something, she makes it fun, like she makes it really fun
for me to do.
Look, I made SpongeBob Square!
((Tanya, Alek’s Mom))
Staying with three kids at home during pandemic is
extremely challenging. On top of that, I have a full-time
job. So, I have to provide for my kids, take care of them,
give them all enough attention and do my job on top of it.
((Tanya, Alek’s Mom))
I have signed up Alek for Intutorly back in June. And from
the very beginning, I was very impressed with this
((NATS: Shelby Wilcox and Alek))
((Courtesy: Shelby Wilcox))
So, let's try another problem.
((Shelby Wilcox, Tutor, Intutorly))
The students have taught me so many lessons and their
willingness to learn and their, and how engaged they are
has inspired me to do the same in my life as well.
((NATS: Ben Joel))
Hi Henry. So today, we're going to be looking at your
writing sample.
((Ben Joel, Co-founder & CEO, Intutorly))
I think that Alex and I have benefited a lot from our
education and I think it's time for us to give back. And
that's really what Intutorly really is, is us and all high
school volunteers giving back to the community and giving
back to the students who need it most.
((NATS: Ben Joel))
He could not fly, but he could walk.