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Holiday Lights

((TRT: 3:52))
((Banner: New York City Holiday Lights))
((Reporter/Camera/Drone: Aaron Fedor))
((Editor: Kyle Dubiel))
((Producer: Kathleen McLaughlin))
((Map: Brooklyn, New York))
((Main character: 9 females))
((Sub character: 6 males))
I've been coming to Dyker Heights. Well, this is my
first time actually so he's actually taking me on a tour
of Dyker Heights.
Yes and I’ve been here several years. My parents
grew up in Brooklyn. So, everybody knows about it
from the surrounding area.
Brian was just telling me about a house that you can
see from space, so we're on the hunt to find that
house that you can see from space.
Hot chocolate.
Hot chocolate. Wink, wink.
Nah, it's hot chocolate.
((The Calamine Family, Son))
It's really nice and I like, I think the lights are very
beautiful. It's just really nice how everybody
decorates and lets everybody come by their
properties and watch the lights.
((The Calamine Family, Father))
Since I'm a little kid. So, I'm 46. So, it's been a long
time. So, Lucy Spata, this is her house. Well,
supposedly, she started this, you know, doing it in an
extraordinary way and I guess that tradition sort of
caught on in the rest of the block and the surrounding
houses. And then it just started, I guess, expanding
to the whole neighborhood. So, it's become a
destination now.
((The Calamine Family, Mother))
We've seen busloads of people. They have those big
buses coming and there's loads of people on the
buses. It's pretty wild to see, because, like he said,
we've been coming here for so long since we were
little. And then to see these giant buses pull up with
tourists to come and now it's a tourist attraction. It's
((The Calamine Family, Father))
What I heard, a lot of people restrained themselves
from decorating this year because they didn't want
crowds of people outside and stuff like that. They
were afraid.
((Joe, Local Homeowner))
Well, I've been decorating my house for about 25
years since my son was about nine years old. We
start right around Halloween. We put up some
orange lights for Halloween, and the day after
Halloween, they come down and the colored lights
begin to go up. Well, my house, of course, is my
((Robert, Local Tour Guide))
I live here in Dyker Heights. I've been living here for
six years, and what I do is I tour. I have my friend that
owns the tour. The basic tour is just meet up on 86th
street, come down 84 all the way down from 12th
Avenue to 10th Avenue. Then we drive up, you go
down to 83rd and we come up and we meet up at
John's Deli up there on 13th Avenue.
((Joe, Local Homeowner))
This year, I'm looking forward to a vaccine that helps
put this world back in order.
In 2021, I want COVID to be gone so we can go back
to our normal lives.
Here’s to a better 2021.
Happy New Year. 2021 be better. Better days
Happy 2021 everyone. We wish you a happy New
Year and hopefully a healthy year.
To my family in Pakistan and Uzbekistan, we wish
you a very Happy New Year and a great year to
((Felts Family))
Happy New Year. Happy New Years to everyone.
And we hope and trust that 2021 will bring us nothing
but peace, love and joy.
Happy New Year.