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Connect With: Michelle Moon    

((TRT: 02:39))
Connect With
Michelle Moon))
((Reporter/Camera: Gabrielle Weiss))
((Location: Harmarville, Pennsylvania))
((Main character: 1 female))
((Michelle Moon, Housekeeper, Days Inn))
My name’s Michelle Moon. I’m 54 years old. I’m a housekeeper
at Days Inn in Harmarville, Pennsylvania and I’ve been working
for this company for over 20 years.
((Michelle Moon, Housekeeper, Days Inn))
Quite frankly, I like it here. I like my coworkers, sometimes. Far
as the clients go that stays here, some is good, some is bad,
some is rotten. With some people, I’ll be wondering. They
trashes a room. Do they treat their houses, their places like
that? Because they’re nasty. But I just keep on going.
((Michelle Moon, Housekeeper, Days Inn))
I had no goals when I was younger, really, not really, just
surviving day by day, doing whatever I do, whatever I want, and
whatever I can. Just day by day thing. I had no regrets. Where
I’m at is where I’m at. I have no regrets. I love my children and
my grandchildren. They’re bad as hell, excuse my language, but I
love them just the same.
((Michelle Moon, Housekeeper, Days Inn))
The only thing I would change would be getting my oldest son
back. At the age I had him, I wasn’t very good. Well, the state
didn’t think I was very good at it, so they took him. Every time I
had to go visit him, I had to sign a paper, my signature. So, one
of those days, I signed the paper for my visitation to see
him. Next thing I know, I got my visitation taken as well as my
son. I feel like the case worker I had tricked me on signing the
papers. And from that day on, I learned to look before I sign. But
despite everything else, my son, Jesse, he’s with a very good
family. Right now, I know he’s alright. So, that was my only
regret. But anything else, I don’t regret. I just don’t.