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Connect With:  Ireeta Ubben  

((TRT: 03:23))
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((Reporter/Camera: Deepak Dobhal))
((Locater: Phillipsburg, Kansas))
((Main Character: 1 Female))
((Ireeta Ubben, Retired School Employee))
I'm Ireeta Ubeen. I'm 90 years old.
I was married when I was 19. My husband was 23.
My dad didn't want me to get married. He thought
I was too young, and I said, "How old was mom when you
got married?” "Well, she was 18 but that
was different."
So, which didn't convince me of anything.
So, we ran off and got married. I didn't go to
work that day, I remember that. I took a taxi to work so
I wouldn't get my, it was raining, so I wouldn't get my hair
That's what I remember about that.
I had a job at school. I ran the kitchen at the junior high
for 23 years.
My life was interesting to me anyway. It was not real
exciting but, you know,
I loved my husband and I loved my kids and we had agoo
d time.
After my husband died, I had some good friends, and
we traveled a lot, and we went
and I've been in almost every state except
maybe one. And so, and then they've all, they're all
gone but me.
And that's sad. My best friend and, for 50 years, and
she's gone. So, I outlived my friends.
I live alone. Lot of room but it's my house, so.
I can still drive and so I get around, but like
I say, I'm scared of
this virus. So, I'm staying at home quite a bit.
The last one in my family, my brother, died from this
virus, down at Wichita. So,
I'm the only one left out of the four of us, which is sad.
Since it was this virus, I couldn't even go to the
funeral or anything. It was not a good time.
I just hope I don't have to go to a nursing home.
I don't want to go to a nursing home.
That's my, I don't want to do it.
So, otherwise what’s the use of worrying?