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Connect With: Jude Smith

((TRT: 03:24))
((Topic Banner: Connect With – Jude Smith))
((Reporter/Camera: Deepak Dobhal))
((Locater: Patoka Lake, Indiana))
((Main character: 1 male))
((Jude Smith, Seminarian, Saint Meinard Seminary and
School of Theology))
My name is Jude Smith. I'm a seminarian in the Catholic
Church, studying to be a priest.
Plans change, you know. Even though I was, I kind of
thought in my back of my head,
you know, I would like to retire in Mexico by age 40. Well,
things change, you know. Here I am, giving up the rest of
life for something, which is not giving up, giving the rest of
my life for God.
Well, I was in real estate for about 20 years but for most of
my life, I've felt calling to
the priesthood. And since, I’d say, the recentpassing of my
mother about three years ago, that I decided
to go ahead and move forward with that calling.
I'm comfortable financially and I'm comfortable with what I've
made, and that's just not important to me anymore.
Maybe, if I had a wife and children and more responsibilities
in that
sense. But being single, you know, my house is paid for.
I still
have a place in New Orleans. You know, my mom
had just passed away, and there's some property and some
finances that she had left to us. So, that rat race is kind
of over for me, in that sense.
When I moved from Louisiana, and kind of the motto,
even the Glenmary (Home Missioners)
missionary, “your life needs to fit into a car.” So, that was
a pretty big difference from having a house in New Orleans,
my mom's house, 3,000 square feet [278 square meters]
full of stuff, a lot of it
mine, you
know, and reducing your life to what you can fit in a car and
up at any given moment and go on to your next mission and
not. So, that's what I did and packed everything in a car
and moved into a very small place over here at Saint
Meinrad. There's something rewarding in minimalist and
reduction of things. So, yeah.
And at 48, and like I said, having life experiences, I'm not,
I don't have that thought of, “Oh, what am I missing?”,
you know, “What's
the relationship like? What is romance like?” So, I am, I
know what
it's like, you know, and I know that I'm giving that up, but I
know what I'm giving it up for.
Do I have full support from everybody? No, you never do.
I mean, I didn't have that much support of
my own family with taking care of my mom, you know.
So, but
I have, I know I have their love and support, you know,
at least somewhat. But, is that's, it's not, my life isn't based upon
what other people think, you know. I have to move on, you know,
make my decisions for myself. So,
it's good to have that support though. So, yeah.