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Rage Room

((TRT: 04:10))
((Topic Banner: Get Your Rage Out))
((Reporter: Marsha James))
((Camera/Editor: Philip Alexiou))
((Map: Laurel, Maryland))
((Main characters: 3 male))
((Sub characters: 3 female; 2 male))
((Shawn Estelle, Co-owner, Rage Room))
This is what we do at the room of rage. After a hard
day, I like to come to the Rage Room and let some, let
off some steam.
((Nala, Customer, Rage Room))
Yes, it’s my first time. I’m here because my boyfriend
bought tickets. So, we just want to try something
((Dean Yirenkyi, Customer, Rage Room))
I just decided to come out here, you know, to release
some aggression, you know, smash some items and go
from there.
((Shawn Estelle, Co-owner, Rage Room))
Please don’t hit down on the table, but you can hit off of
the table. 20 minutes on the clock. These two items
right here are sledgehammer items. Okay?
((Dean Yirenkyi, Customer, Rage Room))
Yes, definitely. It was definitely a great experience.
Had fun knocking things out of the park, you know,
bottles, washing machines, refrigerators. Yes, definitely
a great experience. I would definitely come back.
((Jamal Berry, Co-owner, Rage Room))
So, this is the process. Every weekend when we come
in, we basically have to get the old stuff out until we can
recycle it. We try to recycle it and recycle the metal, but
we have to take it out, get it outside, cover it up so it
looks nice and then we get new materials that are
donated inside the room.
((Jamal Berry, Co-owner, Rage Room))
During the pandemic, we had a lot of conversations,
especially when everything first shut down, and we
started to think about people needed to be able to get
out their rage. They needed to be able to come to a
place in a safe environment and be able to get out their
anger or just decompress from the long workdays in
their house, the now being teachers of their own
children, even to thinking about everything that's going
on in the country and how they felt. And so, we said
what better way to have a safe environment inside of
four walls that was healthy and that they didn't have to
do to clean up theirselves. We did it for them.
((Celeste, Customer, Rage Room))
This is my first time here. It’s for my birthday
celebration and just because I wanted to break some
stuff and I just get to do it.
((Shawn Estelle, Co-owner, Rage Room))
Right now, we're at about 25 appointments today which
is pretty much around our average on a Saturday.
((Shawn Estelle, Co-owner, Rage Room))
One of the things that we're proud about is our artwork.
As you can see around that we really took the time to
think about different things that would generate a
feeling of rage or excitement for our customers. And
we have, you know, this nice brick wall that they can
throw items against and we make sure we protect our
((Matt, Customer, Rage Room))
It is our first time. We've made it a Christmas present
to ourselves. We wanted to break some stuff after this
((Roxanne, Customer, Rage Room))
Yes, I like to hear things break.
((Linwood Cole, Co-owner, Rage Room))
As a business owner, this has truly contributed a lot to
me as a person, being able to think logistically and
theoretically about the different things that you do and
the movements that you make, especially with the
COVID-19, having all the restrictions that you have to
take into thought with everything that you do.
((Linwood Cole, Co-owner, Rage Room))
We’re now living in a place and a time where a lot of
traumatic and tragedy is happening and affecting our
community. So, to be able to give our community and
the people that we know personally the opportunity to
come and do something that can relieve stress and can
help them during this time when so many people are
having mental health issues and things like that, it's a
great feeling.
((Nala, Customer, Rage Room))
I mean I would say it's all up to the person. If people
are kind of getting tired of doing the same thing, just
normal exercising, running on a treadmill, walking
outside, they want something different that, you know,
is out of the box, then this would be probably a good
idea. There's nothing wrong with it. You're not going to
get hurt.