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Connect With:  Eric Dillon

((TRT: 03:11))
((Topic Banner: Connect with – Eric Dillon))
((Reporter/Camera: Arturo Martínez))
((Locater: Fallon, Nevada))
((Main character: 1 male))
((Eric Dillon, Fallon Resident))
My name is Dillon. I'm retired now. I've retired a couple of
different times in various jobs. You know, I've got six kids. I
was married once before. I had three kids and I still miss
them. I see them. And then when I got with my wife now,
we had three more kids. They've all done very well, every
one. One of them is actually like a rocket scientist and so,
it's really strange how that happened.
((Eric Dillon, Fallon Resident))
I’m really fulfilled as far as things that I've done. First job
was probably mowing yards, and then working in a
McDonald's, and then I was in the Navy for 20 years. And
then after that, I joined the post office for 20 years.
And then after that, I turned into a farmer. We had alfalfa for
a while. We have, we still have cows. And then after that, I
thought, you know what? I think I'd still like to work. And I
always wanted to work in the medical field. So, I went back
to school and became a surgery assistant, assistant tech.
((Eric Dillon, Fallon Resident))
I've always liked to help people and there's a lot of gratitude.
And I look back at times when I've helped a person do this or
do that or, and I think I'm glad I did that.
((Eric Dillon, Fallon Resident))
It's just a funny way how you meet people in smaller towns.
Fallon's pretty small too. I used to always be into tropical
fish and that grocery store sold about everything you could
think of and tropical fish. So, I was in there looking at the
tropical fish and there was a lady inside, behind the tropical
fish thing and I'm looking at them and she says, “Can I help
you?” And I say, “Well, I wanted to buy some fish but your
tanks are the dirtiest tanks I've ever seen.” And that wound
up being my wife later.
((Eric Dillon, Fallon Resident))
I'm pretty sure we've been married about 32 years, and you
know, just like everybody says, a marriage has a lot of things
that you need to do to work things out. Not too many are
rosy the whole time. Because you get mad, you know, and
you think, “Well, maybe I should just move on.” And you
can't just keep doing that. You have to work together and
before you get together, you need to kind of see those
things. But I know that's hard when you just meet somebody
and you're thinking about, “Well, I'll just move on and get
another one.” That seems like that's what everybody does
((Eric Dillon, Fallon Resident))
There’s good things. There’s bad things. But I'm pretty
happy with my life.