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VOA Connect Episode 187, Paralympics and Protests (no captions)

Blurbs for VOA Connect Episode 187

1. Paralympic Champion
a. With the 2021 Paralympic Games approaching, we talk to Paralympian
medalist Brad Snyder about his personal journey, breaking down barriers,
and the importance of redefining how people look at disability.
Reporter/Camera: Aaron Fedor, Producer: Kathleen McLaughlin, Editor:
Kyle Dubiel
b. OTT Category: Sports & Adventure
2. Portland Protests
a. A year after becoming a protest hotspot, we talk to people in Portland with
different points of view about how the demonstrations have affected their
city. Reporter/Camera: Natasha Mozgovaya
b. OTT Category: Connect America (Default)
3. Paralympics and Protests
a. VOA Connect Episode 187 - A look at the life of a Paralympics champion
and revisiting Portland a year after protests erupted.
b. Alt: VOA Connect Episode 187, Paralympics and Protests