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It's A Wonderful Life


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((Map: Seneca Falls, New York))

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Seneca Falls is celebrating the 75th anniversary of a beloved Christmas movie at its annual It’s a Wonderful Life Festival.

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Many believe that this small town was director Frank Capra’s inspiration for the movie’s setting, Bedford Falls.

((Francis Carcillo. It’s A Wonderful Life Festival Board Member))

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The movie is about a man who lives in a small town who never really feels satisfied in his own community, and he doesn't realize how important he is.

((Brian Rohan. George Bailey/Jimmy Stewart impersonator))

((Courtesy: Republic Pictures))

George Bailey means selflessness. George Bailey means caring. George Bailey means love thy neighbor. I think George Bailey is the best of us.

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((George Bailey))

Zuzu, Zuzu, my little ginger snap, how do you feel?

((Monica Capra-Hodges, Frank Capra’s Granddaughter))

It's always relevant. You know. There are times like you know right now where we're trying to survive this pandemic,

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and we've had a lot of loss and a lot of stress. And can identify with George Bailey and the wonderful message at the end where family and friends and everybody in town comes together to save him. And it's a beautiful message of hope.


((Tricia Mirras, Seneca Falls resident))

I think it's a wonderful festival. It is great to see our downtown so busy and with so many out-of-town visitors, and everyone is very happy and glad to be here. And I think during this particular time, the message that the movie brings is more important than ever. And you feel that here in town.

((Francis Carcillo. It’s A Wonderful Life Festival Board Member))

This year, I think we're expecting better than 20,000 for the 75th anniversary festival. Personally, I'm very proud to live in Bedford Falls. The local population and the pride, the sense of pride in this has increased every year. You know there are still people who doubt and think maybe it's not true, but even those people like the idea. I mean who wouldn't want to live in Bedford Falls?


((Brett Perry, It’s a Wonderful Life fan))

I was on the George Bailey Bridge. It must have been half 10, 11 o'clock last night. Nobody around. I decided to do a classic thing of leaning on the bridge. I lent over the bridge, looking into the water.

((Courtesy: Republic Pictures))

I felt some odd things on my nose and face. I thought, what on earth is that? I looked up, and it was snowing. Not much, but it was snowing. And for a Welshman coming to Seneca Falls, it's a wonderful life. That was the moment for me. I'm feeling emotional just now just thinking about it. The snow on the George Bailey Bridge, you couldn't write it. Absolutely amazing. Sorry. I'm tearing up now.

((Karolyn Grimes, Actress who played Zuzu))

((Courtesy: Republic Pictures))

I believe that everyone can identify with George, so we have that opportunity to look at ourselves and realize that we too can make a difference. Daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.


Look, Daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.

((George Bailey))

That's right. That's right. Attaboy, Clarence. (singing)


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Well, I've been decorating my house for about 25 years since my son was about nine years old.

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