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Voter Turnout Low in US


In the past 30 years, voter turnout in the United States has been mostly

on the decline, with participation hovering just above 50-percent in

presidential elections - even during tight races like the one predicted

this year between President Bush and likely Democratic rival John Kerry.

Among the world's democracies, America ranks with Switzerland as the

countries with the lowest voter participation.

And during recent presidential primaries, voter turnout was some of the

lowest on record.

Statistics show that the lowest participation is among youth, or voters

between the ages of 18 and 25. Older voters - those over the age of 65

- are the most likely to vote.

The U.S. census bureau said its statistics have found that those most

likely to go to the polls are older individuals, homeowners, married

couples, and people with more schooling and higher incomes. The study

also found that many Americans say they do not vote because they are too


Some states have tried to boost turnout by making it easier for people

to register to vote and to cast ballots, through early voting and voting

by mail programs.