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Nigerian Political Analyst Says US Policy In Iraq Major Issue In Presidential Election

With the US presidential campaign in its final days, the race between George Bush and John Kerry is too close to call. For a look at how the election is being viewed at this stage in Nigeria, we turn to Dr. Chuks Osuji, director of Opinion Research and Communications Consultants in Oweri in Imo State. He spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about the battle for the white house.

He says, “You know, I am an American scholar. And I have looked into many political books, one of them is right here before me now. I haven’t seen any election, any presidential election in America like this one. This one is going to be a bang, I’m telling you.” He says Nigerians like others around the world are closely watching the election. “The American economy controls the economy of all the countries of the world. So, for economic reasons Nigeria is watching. Politically, America is seen as the most powerful country in the world. So, Nigerians look up to America for global leadership.”

And Dr. Osuji adds whatever impacts blacks in the United States will have an impact on blacks in Africa. Iraq is a major issue for those watching the US election.

But he says, “Not only the war in Iraq per se, but the approach adopted by the current president. Many Nigerians, as do many peoples of the world, didn’t like the style (of Mr. Bush). He did not exhaust all the political, all the negotiations before he went to invade Iraq. That is why Iraq has become a function of this particular election as far as Nigerians are concerned.”

Dr. Osuji says both President Bush and John Kerry have waged tough campaigns, but he says Sen. Kerry has managed to make the President appear as the contender.

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