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CIA, FBI Analyzing Apparent Terror Videotape

U.S. intelligence agencies are analyzing a videotape given to the ABC television network that features an alleged al-Qaida terrorist threatening attacks against the United States.

ABC has refused to air the tape until its authenticity can be verified.

The network provided the hour-long video to the FBI and CIA after it was received by the ABC news division in New York on Monday. It had been sent there by a network producer in Pakistan who received it from an intermediary.

The tape features a man swathed in a headscarf who identifies himself as Assam the American and speaks English, threatening that "blood will run in the streets of America." Linguists who have studied the tape are uncertain the narrator is U.S.-born.

His mention of current news events indicates the tape was recently produced, and it features a recognizable al-Qaida production logo.

Some information for this story provided by Reuters.