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Monrovia Riot Leaves Churches, Mosques Burned


A curfew is in effect in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, following a riot late yesterday. There’s no official word yet on the number of casualties, but a number of buildings were burned, including churches and mosques.

To learn more about the situation in Monrovia, reporter Frank Sainworla of our affiliate Radio Veritas spoke with English to Africa’s Joe De Capua. He says the situation has calmed down to a great extent since UN troops moved in force when the violence spread.

He says it’s believed the initial violence broke out between traders in eastern Monrovia’s red light district and then spread, taking on an ethnic or religious dimension. Religious leaders, Christian and Muslim, are appealing for calm and are traveling the city to help keep the situation under control. Interim head of state Gyude Bryant condemned the violence and gave UN troops authority to shoot to kill, if necessary, to restore calm. The US Ambassador to Liberia also appealed for calm.

To hear Frank Sainworla's report, click above link.